Products and Services


Custom development

The core technology of RenGen can be modified to fit different applications where on-site/on board use of ammonia or hydrogen generation is needed. RenCat's strategy is to work as a core technology expert and jointly develop products with tire 1 suppliers or OEMs e.g. in shipping and automotive industries. 

Currently, RenCat is collaborating with automotive tire 1 supplier for developing ammonia fuel solutions for automotive industries. 

RenCat provides technology and services for feasibility assessments for different applications of the core technology. If you want to have more information on using our ammonia to hydrogen conversion technology and discuss custom applications, please send an email to



Connect ammonia and air to RenGen to generate fuel cell grade hydrogen. 

It can be used in combination with PEM fuel cells to produce electrocity.

NH3 can be used with the most advanced off-the-shelf fuel cell (PEM FC)

On demand hydrogen generation

ICE and mobile applications

5-10 kW fuel generation unit to provide a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen for use in internal combustion engines and other mobile applications.

The product is under development for field testing with automobile companies and for upscaling to higher power for the shipping industry.

If you want to have more information on the product, please send an email to .

Zero emissions at the point of use

Decarbonize transport sector

Esisting infrastructure