Catalyzing Clean Power


Fe-Ne on alumina egg-shell catalysts optimized for high efficiency ammonia cracking:

Our test results shows that the catalysts performs better

than the Ru/Al2O3 typically used for high conversion

ammonia cracking while bringing the catalysts cost

significantly because both Fe and Ni are inexpensive

metals compared to Ru which is a noble metal.

Minimum order 100g. Plaese contact





RenGen-bench top hydrogen


Connect ammonia and air to RenGen and

out comes fuel cell grade hydrogen. The RenGen is

currently available in two sizes.


RenGen100m: generates 100 ml/min H2


RenGen1l: generates 1 L/min H2


RenGen is suitable for education and testing purposes.

Please send an email to for enquiry

and order.













1-5 kW power generator for powering bad or off grid mobile telephone towers. The product is under development for field testing with telecom operators. If you want to have more information on th eproduct, please send an email to or call +45 61073935.








Onsite H2 generation made reliable and inexpensive

Same size container store over 5 times more energy compared to H2

Ammonia is stored in non-pressurized inexpensive containers